Freeplay Vol. 1

Montana Freeplay P5 Studio

The launch of freeplay – vol.1 marks another milestone for eclectic furnishing retailer P5 Studio 10 months after its opening at the hip Henderson Industrial Park.

In partnership with Danish furniture label, Montana, and 8 local and architectural practices, the launch will feature 8 unique modules conceptualized based on Montana’s 36 modules, 4 depths, 42 colours and limitless possibilities. The 8 designs will lead off the Montana SG Collection and will retail exclusive at P5 Studio.

Montana Furniture

“This batch of Singapore designers have truly inspired us with their aesthetically-driven and highly sophisticated designs leading the way for Montana to explore new design possibilities” said Mr. Hans Lindeberg, Director of Sales & Marketing at Montana.

The 8 design firms assembled by Montana and P5 Studio have been touted as progressive and radical, and have achieved notable works recognized by the design industry and various design awards. The inaugural Montana SG Collection will showcase pieces that were designed based on functionality, practicality, and sentimentality.

Montana partnership with 8 designers at P5 Studio

Pieces include The Commune, a 3-module project designed by Archetype Studio that provides users the freedom to assemble in no less than 9 different combinations for a varied multipurpose approach to furniture. Look no further than ASOLIDPLAN’s Transformer for a product that can last a lifetime by simply transforming the modules to suit different needs at different stages in life.

ArchetypeStudio and ASOLIDPLAN Designs

Young parents can seek out Imaginarium, a portable play station, designed by The Carpenter’s Workshop, where topics or subjects can be curated for learning, expression and imaginative play. Dicot by The Monocot Studio is a usable wall art and shelving system that is inspired by Piet Mondrian’s Cubism and Rene Magritte’s surreal colour palette.

The Carpenter’s Workshop and Monocot Studio Designs

Lobbying for conservation of local architectural icons has inspired the founder of Provolk to create Interlock, a multi-directional furniture piece that is a side table or drawer module, as a homage to Pearl Bank Apartments and its interlocking concept. SM(ALL), an architectural collective made up of small individual practices focusing on projects by research simply manipulated Montana’s most basic module of 126mm x 126mm to effect a topographical design that can propagate, cue Flow:Flyde 126.

Provolk and SMALL Designs

Sentimentality influenced the design of Vice by UPSTAIRS_, a series of drawers, trays and compartments that function as a full-fledged mobile bar inspired by the founder’s fondest memories of his mother’s long-forgotten Gossip Bench. Last (only by alphabetical order) but by no means least is WYNK Collaborative’s quirky Totem; which can be used as an organizer, a stand-up vanity cabinet, or even a reading shelf. The monolith design is a nod to the nostalgia of retro sci-fi, and HAL’s mainframe in the cult classic, 2001 A Space Odyssey.

UPSTAIRS_ and WYNK Collaborative Designs

“Besides offering an avenue for designers and architects to create and personalise a design or an art piece as they wish, freeplay is a noble yearly initiative to advocate and promote local design, talent, and heritage on an international stage” said Mr. Calvin Ngo, Vice President of P5 Studio.

Also conceived as a design competition, the winning design at freeplay sg will square off with the winning designs from Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Philippines, and Australia at the 2020 3daysofdesign festival in Denmark. A design jury consisting of Montana’s CEO, Joakim Larsen, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hans Lindeberg, and Architect and Head of Spatial Design, Helena Lauren will select each local winner and one regional winner base on a storage solution that is adaptable, multi-functional, sustainable, and with high aesthetic value. The regional winning design will be included in the Montana International Collection.

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