P5 Studio X Frag X 8 Local Design Practices present AR_T

P5 Studio is back at it again! Following the success of freeplay – vol. 1, the team has collaborated with Italian furnishing label Frag and 8 different local design practices to create art pieces with a single chair as a homage to Frag’s century (almost) experience in leatherworking.

The main protagonist in the campaign is Frag’s sexy and seductive Ele Chair designed by Michele Di Fonzo, Product and Research Development Director and Designer at Frag. The visible stitching on the chair creates a delicate graphic motif on the back, embellishing the seat with its elegant discretion.

Collaboration P5 with Frag and 8 Desgn Practices

“I was inspired by the sinuous shapes of a woman when designing the chair. Looking at the chair, one can see how the seat and backrest are lightly padded while the tapering and connection between the seat and backrest is reminiscent of the waistline” said Mr Michele Di Fonzo.

Each art piece designed out of the Ele Chair was hidden in graffitied plywood boxes depicting the concept of the designs in pop fiction style and unveiled to patrons (designers, architects, friend, design mavens, and friends) during the event at P5 Studio, where design religion.

Collaboration P5 with Frag and 8 Desgn practices

In the name of friendly competition and fun atmosphere, categories were awarded to the designs include “Most Abstract” “Most Audacious”, “Most Crafty”, “Most Playful”, “Most Quirky”, “Most Rebellious” “Most Refined” and “Most Though-provoking”

The 8 participating design practices handpicked by Frag and P5 Studio are a mix between industry veterans with notable works and up and coming progressive radicals that have been recognized by the industry in recent years thereby forming a balanced line up where gold meets bold.

Each design collaborator was invited to illustrate in their own manner and freedom what heritage, craftsmanship, and leather mean to their practice. AR_T. also seeks to ignite and develop a bond between each design practice and Frag’s expertise and refinement in leatherwork.

Collaboration P5 Studio and Frag with 8 Local Design PracticesArtistic Themes that have been born out of this campaign include the feelings of attachment to objects in a furry playful gunslinger (Barbaro by atelier ikebuchi), envisioning leather as a form of viscous matter and/or conceiving the chair as a liquid form inspired by John Brauer’s surrealist lines for the Illusion Table. (Elemental by right angle studio), conceptualizing the chair as the ideal woman’s form with as a direct ode to Mr Michele Di Fonza’s inspiration (The Impossible Chair by super fat designs), how weaving scrap leather from the Ele Chair advocates reducing waste to zero and illustrates the synergy and collaborative spirit of five studios in the form of a cape (Frag-ments by studio IF by formwerkz),

Collaboration P5 Studio and Frag with 8 Local Design Practicesenvisioning the chair as knitted “outfits” as a protective cover like a suit (#17 by studio wills + architects), highlighting and affirming the trademark, identity and quality of Frag by the simple but thoughtful act of stamping (ChopChop Chair by parenthesis studio), how the art of tailoring a well-made and refined skin over the Ele Chair is symbolic of its detailed craftsmanship (Jacket Chair by produce x superstructure) and finally, an intervention that resembles leather vines growing over and around the Ele Chair to embody the green conscience which is infused into the Frag ethos (Umbra by architology).

“At P5 Studio, we are always finding alternative means to showcase and highlight the DNA of our brands. This campaign AR_T. illustrates our commitment to our principals and to promote our local designers and talent.” said Mr Calvin Ngo, Vice President of P5 Studio.

Collaboration P5 with Frag and 8 Desgn practices

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