Ak_04 Kitchen Design

Experience the epitome of luxury living with the Ak_04 luxury kitchen design by Arrital. This Ak_04 kitchen design combines modular flexibility, cutting-edge technology, and the finest new materials. The doors are primarily constructed from a patented extruded aluminum frame that is lightweight and sturdy, with front panels that are 4 and 6 mm thick. Wide option of finishes, ranging from the innovative Fenix Ntm® material, known for its nanotechnological surface treatment that ensures compactness, waterproofing, and a luxurious soft-touch finish, to the timeless elegance of Corian®, ceramics, and tempered glass. Designed by Italian architect Franco Driusso, a kitchen specialist who combines innovative materials with ergonomic solutions for the Arrital Ak_04 kitchen system.  





Pull-out Equipped Tall

GEM Tall Unit

Pull-Out Mechanism

Majestic Breakfast Bar


Front Drawer

Base Units 75

Door Feature

Cabinet Accessories

Fly Box

Fly Moon

Inside Up

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