Ak_Project Modular Kitchen Design

Introducing Ak_Project, a modular kitchen design masterfully designed by architect Franco Driusso. With a focus on merging design and practicality, a complete kitchen design has been achieved. The extensive variety of finishes and modular systems available offer a truly personalized approach to kitchen design, catering to individual user requirements.

The versatility of the project allows for seamless adaptation to diverse finishes without requiring significant alterations. Ak_Project is tailored to meet the needs of discerning customers seeking a premium kitchen solution that is fully made in Italy.


AK_Project 03


AK_Project 05


Gem Glass Unit

Breakfast Bar


Equipped Tall Unit

Straight Edge Door

30 Degree Door Profile

Step Handle Profile Door

Retractable Door

Corner Tall Units

Wall Unit with Increased Depth

Internal Equipment

Equipped Back-Chanel

Lumina Panel

Two Skins


Lympha Hanging Light

Tall Unit Accessories

Deep Drawers


Elements To Contain

Arrital Kitchen Enquiry

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