Axolight Bul-Bo Floor Lamp

by Gabetti & Isola

The Bul-Bo lamp belongs to the series of furnishings designed for the Olivetti Residential Center in Ivrea (Turin) by the architectural firm Gabetti & Isola (Roberto Gabetti, Aimaro Isola, Guido Drocco, Luciano Re) between 1968 and 1971. The context in which the designers worked was still strongly influenced by the enlightened mind of Adriano Olivetti, who died a few years earlier.

With the creation of Bul-Bo, a playful, ironic and functional lamp was created, in perfect coherence to that climate of “rebellion against schemes” which, in the second half of the 1960s, would have left an indelible mark on costumes. 50 years later, Axolight re-proposes this iconic lighting object by introducing contemporary elements in the philological respect of the original design.

Dimensions: H233 cm


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