Bolzan Letti Flag Bed

by Ruga-Peressinotto

Flag is a bed with a contemporary taste, combining the simplicity of its shapes with the refinement of its sartorial quality details. This project is born from the need to use harmoniously two noble materials such as wood and fabric, and is completed with brass accessories designed to favor the combination with different types of upholsteries.

Precious accessories such as the dressing table, the equipped poufs, and the armchair complete the collection.

L173 x D208 xH98cm (137 x 190)
L156 x D218 xH98cm (120 x 200)
L189 x D221 xH98cm (153 x 200)
L196 x D218 xH98cm (160 x 200)
L206 x D2018 xH98cm (170 x 200)
L216 x D218 xH98cm (180 x 200)
L221 x D229xH98cm (193 x 203)


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