AYTM designs luxury home interior and small furniture in timeless designs. AYTM approaches the concept of Nordic design in a sophisticated and elegant manner with focus on high quality and exquisite details. In spite of their simple idiom, the products are eye-catching and impactful. The AYTM collection includes very decorative items as well as more functional home interiors. It has all been created with focus on contrasts of materials and surfaces, but in a beautifully balanced and soft colour palette. In the short time AYTM has been out in the world as a modern, elegant, Danish design brand, we have already been on the fast-track to establishing us as a name in the interior design industry. As you come with us on our journey, we hope you will feel like you know AYTM a little better, but still feel curious enough to continue with us in the years to come.

Behind the new brand AYTM is the couple Kathrine and Per Gran Hartvigsen who has successfully run the company Gran Living ApS since 2004. Ever since its foundation, the company has designed and imported quality home interior for leading furniture chains and has extensive experience with trend spotting, development of its own designs, and production of interior for the home.  This experience should now prove beneficial in the establishment of AYTM.

Kathrine Gran Hartvigsen said: “We want this, and we think that we can add something new to Danish design!  Therefore, we have invested heavily from the start – which is also reflected in the size of our first collection.  We are so excited to show AYTM to the whole world, and we are confident that customers will be just as excited as we are. “ 

Our Story

Our Design Process

From the very beginning, the primary focus for AYTM has been on the design. We always ask ourselves; what can we do differently, how can we surprise people and how do we ensure originality? The AYTM collections are not just designed by one person, we have a team of very talented designers with different backgrounds and experiences. Each designer brings a unique set of skills to the table, so we are able to create truly unique and original collections that live up to the high standards that are required in the home accessory and furniture industry.

AYTM Sino Table and Magazine Holder

Sino Table and Magazine Holder

The beautiful Sino series consists of three different designs that you can combine in many different ways. The table tops come in two different coloured luxurious marble and have two different coloured base frames. This makes them highly versatile as they can fit in any room and there are endless combination possibilities. The tables can stand alone as side or coffee tables,as well as night stands up against the wall.Combine with one or two more – and you have the perfect sofa table, where you can have room for magazines. The materials are timeless and yet iconic and the tables will make sure to turn heads where ever you place them.

AYTM Stilla Bordeaux Rug

Stilla Rug Bordeaux

The design of the Stilla shape has become an instant icon for AYTM. The unique drop shape canbe found in a variety of styles, here the Stilla rug in lovely wool. Soft touches for the floors that is perfect for every home décor. 

AYTM Vivero Watering can gold

Vivero Watering Can Gold

The elegant Vivero watering can in brass look, stainless steel or black is a real eye catching beauty. The simple shape, polished surface and unique handle is what makes this watering can onethat will not be hidden away in a cabinet. Use it as a different flowerpot or for watering your flowers, and when not in use Vivero is perfect as an accessory with all its beauty.


Torus Vase Amber

The Torus vase is a unique statement in any home with its exclusive look – perfect for flower decorations, branches and plants. The combination of the two colorful glass pieces turn into an elegant and sculptural vase, making it ideal for everyone who are looking for that extra something special.

AYTM Curva Magazine Holder

Curva Magazine Holder

The design of the Curva magazine holder has becomean instant icon. The perfect combination betweenform and function is the secret to the success ofthis design and to celebrate that, we both provideit in cool stainless steel, in elegant brass andtimeless black.

AYTM Circum ROund Mirror

Circum Round Mirror

The Circum mirrors are an elegant addition to the home and with its slim frames and tinted glass, Circum is also perfect for dramatic effects. Circum mirror comes in five combinations and three sizes. 


Angui Bar Chair

Taking a moment of relaxation, resting your legs for a little while. The Angui bar chair is the perfect place to do so.  The Angui collection is a beautiful range of different furniture. Sophisticated pieces that will enhance your personal style. The pipe styled frame and tone in tone is on trend for the season and will enhance any personal style. A wide variety of colours are also here to ensure individual style.

AYTM Globe Vase

Globe Vase

The Globe Vase designed by AYTM is a classic shape on an elegant brass base that is ideal for flowers and plants. The Globe Vase can also be used for creative decorations, candles and even for serving sweet treats. This globe glass vase comes in various colour. The smallest Globe is great for spring flowers.

AYTM Spatia Bouquet Vase

Spatia Bouquet Vase

Creating what can only be described as graphic design within the home is now as easy as placing four Spatia vases together. The colours can be endlessly combined and just one will look exclusively lovely with your favourite flowers as well. Spatia vase comes in black and forest colour.

Products from AYTM