Made in Italy

Enrico Pellizzoni brand was created in 1986 from a tradition in leather production that had spanned almost a century. Since the early 1900s, the Pellizzoni family has made leather crafting their passion, initially entering the footwear sector but immediately repositioning themselves in furnishings. The company is traditionally based in Mariano Comense (Como – Italy) and has been established in its current 4,000 sqm complex since 1988, where essential residential and office furnishings such as chairs, armchairs, stools, sofas, tables, desks and accessories, are produced:

Leather. Design. Craftsmanship. Passion.

Enrico Pellizzoni’s furniture tell a story about our love for leather and design, started over a century ago in the heart of design made in Italy, the Brianza area. Our passion is still strong today; it inspires new collections and proposes them to an international, sophisticated and cosmopolite public.


Full grain leather CPF is a material obtained by first quality bovine hides coming from EU member states. The part of leather used is the shoulder. During the tanning-phase, in which only natural substances are used, the pentachlorinephenol (PCP) is absent according to EU Legislation. Tannin extracts are a fundamental ingredient for the slow tanning process and the quality of its result. The finishing of the leather is carried out with pigments and resins made of caseins, therefore having a very low toxic content.