Frag – Since 1921

Our company is founded on a long family tradition, dating all the way back to 1921. Ever since then, it has been treating leather with care, mastery and experience to create chairs, armchairs, tables and other items of furniture with a timeless elegance.

Frag’s cultural and technical knowledge was built up over time through ongoing research, acquiring expertise in working with other materials in addition to leather, later enhanced by the creativity of international designers. Significant innovation in the use of materials has seen the full range imbued with ever greater quality, purity of form and attention to detail.

The different types of leather, each with its own individual characteristics, are matched with the designer’s specific needs for a given project. Tradition and innovation meet in perfect harmony, essential for combining classic materials such as leather with the latest in contemporary design. Frag owes its commercial success to avant-garde forms, modern influences and touches that mould material and memory, reinterpreting their function and transforming them into powerful expressions.

Our Quality

The choice of materials, the care in the treatment, the certifications and the long company history are the foundations on which the quality of each and every Frag product rests.

Chairs, armchairs, upholstery, dinner tables, coffee tables and other items are thus redefined as precious objects, finished with deliberate precision, characterised by a timeless style and discreet elegance. This is why each individual piece is not merely an item of furniture, rather it is an aesthetic statement, creating a refined and modern living environment.


Atelier 300 table

The Atelier has a lacquered MDF top with a manual finish in cement composite in the colours of the collection, which define the opulent material effects. The base is made of a geometric form composed of brushed lacquered steel plates.

The Atelier collection is characterised by its generous, sculpted base, inspired by painters’ easels. The sharp and clean lines of the metal frame are the hallmarks of this well-defined and precise collection.

The Production Process

During the production of its items and furniture collections, Frag makes the most of its decades-long experience in craftsmanship, choosing the best hides and shaping them with care and refinement. Frag is renowned as a specialist in thick leather – a material that is particularly difficult to handle due to its rigidity – with the firm’s expertise and know-how ensuring it is worked to perfection. When handled skilfully, soft leather is also seen as something more than mere simple upholstery.

DEXTERITY – The carefully chosen natural hides, available in a wide range of finishes and colours, are treated using modern production techniques before being refined by hand by experienced, passionate and traditionally-minded craftsmen, making each item unique and perfect. After the cutting, the leather is assembled onto the frame or shell. This work, carried out entirely by hand, requires skill, precision and a sensitive touch. The edges of the thick leather products are dyed manually with water-based dyes that do not discolour and that guarantee the strength and durability of the product.


Kant Desk

Multilayer double-deck desk fully upholstered with saddle leather or full grain leather. Frame in solid oak laquered legs with open-pore finish. Chrome or copper galvanized steel details and inserts. Available with set of saddle leather or full grain leather cases.

Frag Twain Desk

Twain Desk

The Twain desk has a lacquered brushed steel frame, which gives the base, the top and the secondary shelf a soft, rounded form. Both shelves of the top are upholstered in soft leather which emphasizes the welcoming nature of this desk. Metal frame embellishments and leather shelves exude elegance. The Twain is defined by functionality, dignity and simplicity thereby fitting into modern and contemporary lifestyle. Perfect for home or the office.

STITCHING – The stitching of the leather is carried out with a special machine commonly used for saddle-stitching. The thread used is extremely tough. It then moves on to so-called ‘sewing’, which consists of tying the threads together before they are cut and inserted into the fine stitching holes. For Frag, the type of thread and the water-based dyes used to apply the finishing touches to the edges are always made to match the wide range of colours of the thick leather and hides in the catalogue.

EXPERIENCE MADE TO MEASURE – Thanks to our in-depth knowledge and emphasis on research into technology in the sector, Frag is able to respond to all requests precisely, offering three types of services: products in the catalogue, whether in large or small quantities, personalised variations of existing products and products developed specifically in collaboration with the client, as part of our philosophy of tailor-made products.

TECHNOLOGY – Many years ago, Frag became one of the first companies in Europe to adopt a technologically advanced cutting system. The leather is stretched over a reading surface, whereupon a technician highlights any defects with a mouse, whilst the scanner picks up any imperfections. These will then be discarded at the next stage of cutting. During cutting, the computer suggests the best solution, the positioning of each constituent part and the product to be cut (this is known as ‘nesting’). It also analyses and compares historical and current data to ensure the quality of the leather and the optimisation of the output do not deteriorate over time. In turn, the technician checks the data and assesses the result, deciding whether to approve the material.

Frag Artu Table

Artù Table

Artù is the archetypal round dining table. With its impressive shape and distinguished appearance, it is suitable for the most luxurious dining areas and elegant meeting rooms. The base of the table consists of a square cut cone upholstered in soft leather, enhanced by a burnished brass base and profiling. It is a piece with a strong personality that makes an immediate statement.

The base of the Artù table is covered in leather and metallic details with a brushed brass finish. The top – available in marble from our collection – can be enhanced with a marble rotating Lazy Susan accessory available upon request.


Frag’s careful attention to detail and punctuality in the production process has been proven, over time, in oversight, inspections and certifications that periodically guarantee the quality of working conditions at the company.

During the product design and development phase, as well as the subsequent inspection work, Frag carries out technical testing on the materials, components and products, in our own laboratory as well as with the CATAS Research and Development Centre. This organisation is one of the largest Italian R&D institutions, as well as being a testing laboratory for the wood and furniture sector. CATAS has been SINAL-accredited since 1991 to carry out over one hundred tests. Since 2000, it has also been authorised by the Ministry of the Interior to provide certifications regarding flammability of materials, suitable for obtaining ministerial approval.

In 1991, Frag was among the first companies in the industry to be certified as meeting the ISO 9001:2000 quality management standard. In December 2014, the company renewed their System of Management Certification in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.
The System of Business Management Certification is the most credible way for a company to demonstrate to its clients an ongoing commitment to quality and reliability.

The primary objective of this certification is to guarantee, over time, the best possible management of the principal processes of the company, from product design and development to management of the supply of raw materials, from testing and inspection of the incoming and outgoing products to the ongoing and meticulous oversight of the production process, from the management of orders to a continuous focus on the requests and needs of the consumer, with the ultimate goal of always fully satisfying our clients.

In addition, the company met the BS OHSAS 18001 standard for 2018. This outlines the requirements for an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS), allowing an organisation to manage its health and safety risks and improve its performance.

Frag Ele Chair

Ele Chair

Ele combines the sinuous shapes of a woman with the strength of the saddle leather that covers it completely. The visible stitching creates a delicate graphic motif on the back reminiscent of a woman’s waistline, embellishing the seat with its elegant discretion.

With its multilayer shell, the chair is lightly padded and upholstered in saddle leather, adorned with perforations which accentuate it’s form and design. The steel legs are also covered in saddle leather.

Frag Elf Chair

Elf Chair

The Elf model is padded and fully upholstered in leather or fabric, with a flexible back, available with high or low back.

The Elf collection reinterprets the classic leather chair with softer, elegantly tapered lines. The leather enveloping this range gives it a contemporary shape and timeless charm. The unique flexible back adds comfort and flexibility capacity.