Coming Home

There are countless sayings, songs, and poems about home. And they all resonate for good reason. Home generates the warmest of feelings – a comfy sofa for an afternoon nap, a favourite chair, a cosy bed, and of course mum’s cooking. In a busy, over-stimulated world, people need a sanctuary more than ever. They need to rest their heads or kick it with friends and family.

 Since home is such a special and important place, Gazzda loves to create extraordinary furniture for it. We help people build a home they can be proud of… that makes them smile just by thinking about it… that generates a fuzzy feeling when they talk about it… that refreshes them when they rest in it…

 We help create a place where people can flourish, snooze, and simply… come home.

Our Roots

Bosnia’s natural beauty is astonishing – it holds many world-class gems like the Neretva River and the Kravice Waterfalls. There are lots of beautiful lakes and woodlands, including Europe’s largest virgin forest. An abundance of trees grow here, many older than the forest rangers can remember. And some so tall, they seem to grow to the sky. They blanket impressive, green mountains that tower over surrounding valleys, like the one in which our cherished home, Sarajevo, lies.

In addition to awesome nature, Bosnia has a lot more to offer. It is a country in which Eastern and Western cultures blend together, with a long tradition of music, movies, fine arts and craftsmanship. That includes fine metal- and woodwork, and of course, furniture production. This impressive combination might make you think Bosnia is an ideal place to make remarkable furniture. We think so, too.

Gazzda-Dedo Lounge-Chair

Dedo Lounge Chair

‘Dedo’ is an affectionate Bosnian word for grandpa. And grandpa is precisely who you’ll think about when you sit in this comfortable, timeless and responsive chair. We suspect your storytelling will even improve.

Dedo puts the ‘easy’ back in easy chair. The unique design responds to your shape for ultimate comfort. The lightweight look and feel will compliment any space, and once it’s there, it will be hard to imagine the room without it. Sit back and relax. Dedo will support you even through your longest tales.

Fawn Nightstand

Upon many requests, we developed a solid oak nightstand with handy drawer, worthy of complementing our popular Fawn bed. And just like her big sister – she’s the full package. Suave looks, smooth edges, perfect balance and a classy push-to-open drawer make this nightstand a masterpiece for any master bedroom. She’s got Fawn’s signature, almost sculpture-like, solid-oak frame and is coated with the finest natural Hardwax oil. With Fawn as your bedside buddy… you can’t get but lucky.

Fina Nightstand

Our Fina nightstand is excellent for storing your favourite bedtime books, gadgets and other personal trophies. And of course, she will support you through your wildest dreams.

Gazzda Ava Table

Gazzda Ava Table

This table is for the unique among us. For the millennial with no social media. For the granddad who drives electric. And for anyone else who avoids the norm.

The table rocks a unique, A-shaped construction connected to a slender, solid wooden top. Clean cuts are countered with smooth lines, and wooden elements are elegantly reinforced with steel – providing harmony and an iconic sort of grace. Ava table is a versatile piece, can be placed in the dining room or can be used as a bold writing desk too.

Nora Bar Chair Low with Backrest (Veneer seat)

Nora’s floating seats come in classy oak with backrest. This bar chair is crafted to last a lifetime, both at home and in professional spaces. And every detail is polished for hours on end, giving it a smooth feel.

Ena Chair in fabric

Designed by Salih Teskeredzic, he started to draw lines that reminded him of days long past, days from the 60’s, filled with love, soul and passion. His shapes were refined with modern, light touches… distinct elements that form the character of what would be the Ena Chair, named after his daughter Ena.


Fina Sideboard

Fina arrived, which is good news for people who love Netflix, video games, karaoke and a whole lot more. This sideboard is perfect for connecting tech, storing notebooks, tablets, watches and other personal trophies.

Leina Bar Chair High

We made her solid-oak seat hover a few centimetres above the powder-coated steel legs, to add a touch of Gazzda airiness. Choose between a fresh colour of powder coated steel. Tall steel legs, to support the longest nights.

Nora Bar Chair Low without Backrest (Fabric seat)

Nora’s floating seats come in a stylish upholstery. Choose the all-natural fabric in a selection of fresh colours: Pick your favourite or mix it up if the mood strikes you. We promise, you’ll feel ten years younger.