About Kristina Dam Studio

The major lines in all designs from Kristina Dam Studio are simple and graphic. To this we add a high level of detail and craftsmanship. Furniture from Kristina Dam Studio are all made from natural materials. We believe that mastering the monochromatic palette enable us to create timeless and enduring designs. Distinct and beautiful – simplicity with an attitude. This philosophy rests on the shoulders of great Danish designers and is our take on Nordic Minimalism.

Honest Materials

We only use honest, genuine, natural and carefully selected materials – and we treat them with respect. Our oak is raw and lightly sanded, the leather is soft and unprocessed. Our entire production is European and all materials used are local. Our love of good materials is part of our Nordic design inheritance – a legacy we take very seriously.

Nordic Minimalism

The major lines in our design are simple and graphic. To this we add a strong level of detail and craftsmanship. Our furniture pieces are assembled with spigot joints and dowels and produced in natural materials. This philosophy rests on the shoulders of great Danish designers and is our take on Nordic minimalism. You’ll find the same love for details in all of your products.

Sculptural Approach

We want all our pieces to add something to the room – give it character and attitude. That’s why our approach is sculptural and inspired by Japanese details, graphic Bauhaus art and the unpretentious way artists treat materials. With each collection we launch a new sculpture, but the sculptural quality is always keynote in all our work.

Krisitina Dam Studio Curved Pouf cognac

Curved Pouf Cognac Leather

Poufs are in themselves a graphic element built up around simple principles. The Curved Pouf is made of exclusive aniline leather and the rounded shape of the pouf and its distinct design triggers our fascination of geometry.

KristinaDamStudio_Curved_Side-Table black

Curved Side Table Black

The Curved Side Table is a beautiful and timeless small table that combines a sculptural and handcrafted aesthetic. Made of slick black powder coated steel this small side table is also able to store your magazines within its curved base. Simple design from Kristina Dam Design Studio paying tribute to simplicity.

Kristina Dam Studio Stool oak

Stool Oak

The Duck series is exuberant in its expression challenging the simplicity of nature with its rawness into a simple, yet interesting design object. The Duck series consists of vases, bowls and pots in different shapes, sizes and colours giving each item of the series a unique look. This is a hand glazed and natural product therefore the colours may variate.

Kristina Dam Studio Desk Sculptures

Desk Sculptures

You can use the Desk Sculptures one by one or you can choose to display them all together – a small collection and stilleben of sculptures in different materials. The Desk Sculptures are beautiful, simple and even functional – use for example the terracotta sphere as a paperweight and the marble square as a bookend. Use these delightful desk objects as your weekday desk meditation at the office or use them to create an ever changing stilleben in your living room. The Desk Sculptures come in a beautiful cardboard casing where each object is fitted carefully in foam within the box.

Kristina Dam Studio Wooden Sphere Oak

Wooden Sphere Oak XL

 The Wooden Sphere’s are made out of solid oak or black painted Hardwood. This beautiful accessory is made of two turned wooden bowls that form a perfect circle when united. Use the Wooden Sphere for storage or use them separately as trays or vessel for displaying your favourite items.

Kristina Dam Studio Dual Vase Small Ocher

Dual Vase Small Ocher

The Dual Vases are all made of thick hand blown glass and painted in soft colours: The smallest vase in the dual vase series is painted with a deep Ocher colour. Turn the vase 180 degrees and use either the vase top or bottom as the vessel – in that way you’ll have two vases in one.

Kristina Dam Studio Bow;

Bowl Large Pot

The Bowl from Kristina Dam Design Studio is made from grey engobe coloured terracotta and glaced inside to resist water. Resting on three legs this large bowl makes a distinctive appearance in any home interior.