For almost eight decades, Leolux has been choosing the evolutionary route. Innovation and calm growth, steady but with a clear goal. A dynamic family business with a long history and a keen vision on design and the future. Leolux has been producing all its furniture in Venlo since 1934.

Pallone Armchairs


Sustainability starts by making good products that really last. Products designed and developed with care and diligently produced using high-quality materials. It ensures that our furniture lasts in your interior for a long time, sometimes even for decades.

We’re building a more beautiful world for future generations; for clients and employees and for our children and grandchildren. We pay full attention to the raw materials we use and the way we use them, but also to our production process, the working conditions and the world around us – nature and people.

Flint Sofa in Leather Upholstery

Meet The Collection

Pulla Sofa designed by Studio Truly Truly

Soft and round versus angular and hard. Pulla was born of a study in shape and material and how they relate to the space around them. The result of that study is a timeless sofa that interweaves lines and materials. Available in leather or fabric upholstery. Made in Netherland.

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Lunetta Sofa designed by Studiopepe

The Lunetta sofa puts you in control, shaping itself to your tastes, position, and style. It’s a marriage of extremes: soft yet hardwearing, geometrical yet informal. It’s contrasts like these that make life so exciting, and the Lunetta so incredibly relaxing.

Various Configurations and Finishes Available. Click “Learn More”
Naila Sofa designed by Hanne Willmann

The modular sofa Naila invites you to curl up in its arms. The seat is a little lower and deeper for extra comfort. The elegant, diagonally positioned wooden or aluminium feet are neatly outlined with decorative saddle stitch that accentuates the corners. There are various modular configurations to choose from for any interior layout.

Various Configurations and Finishes Available. Click “Learn More”
Flint Sofa designed by Beck Design

The Flint programme features a unique design language that’s always appealing. The organic seat and armrest shapes give it a friendly look, which is reinforced by the generous, loose seat cushions. Flint is a ball of energy, a design that demands a place in the room.

Various Configurations and Finishes Available. Click “Learn More”
Caruzzo Armchair by Frans Schrofer

The gorgeous Caruzzo swivel chair was made just for you. It’s a slender sculpture, a joy to behold and relax in. The seat, with its striking high back, provides wonderfully supportive comfort as well as plenty of privacy. It’s a high class armchair that’s centred around design and ergonomics.

Pallone Armchair by De Scheemaker

A Leolux icon. The ball chair that specially designed in 1989 for the house of the future is still as futuristic as it was back in the days of its introduction. And perhaps that’s why it’s so successful. Pallone is a personality, the perfect centerpiece for eccentric interiors.

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