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Design in Belgium

Olta originates from Belgium, a place where global trends are made with a passion for design, art and literally anything lifestyle. This is clearly evident in not only the country’s beautiful architecture and vogue fashion trends, but also in the myriad of mouthwatering chocolates and excellent beer.

Handmade in Europe

Inspired by the latest global trends and made with organic materials, our projects are meticulously crafted to produce impressive yet comfortable designs.

The highest quality is guaranteed with the selection of suitable European materials. We use solid wooden frames, have an array of excellent fabrics, and an application of special feathers and foams that ensure the quality of your comfort.

Olta Cooper Configuration

Cooper Sofa

The generous proportions of the Cooper sofa and its pure geometry makes this communal isle an unassuming yet pivotal role of the living room

Its spacious cushions are made of two layers of polyurethane foam with an extra layer of goose feathers to elevate the ideal level of comfort. The large proportion of the memory foam in the sitting cushions adapts and envelopes the shape of the user’s body.

The oversized back cushions give the sofa a relaxing and casual tone. Also rich in details, the superior quality metal support of the back cushions and armrest underlines the smooth line of the design.

Olta Lenox Armchair

Lenox Armchair

The enveloping lines of the Lenox armchair blend ergonomics and elegance. Its sophisticated vibe and chic aesthetic make it a suitable choice for both residential and hospitality spaces. The slim armrest connects with the backrest in a welcoming embrace, ensuring the user’s maximum comfort.

The Lenox armchair family is available in three variations, offering a customized solution to your preference. The swivel option features a sitting cushion of generous proportions which invites the user to relax and enjoy some quality time. The other option with slim feet is available either in armchair or dining chair height.

Olta Oval Armchair

Oval Armchair

With its unique shape the Oval armchair will ensure your comfort from the first moment you sit in it.  At the same time its non-traditional oval form will perfectly suit any modern interior.

Due to its shape, the Oval armchair will ensure your comfort by softly cradling the individual’s physique ensuring the most appropriate support, while its unconventional oval form suits any modern interior.

Because of a swiveling support, the functionality of the armchair is significantly improved and will allow you to sit in any position you desire. Its modern shape perfectly fits today’s designer trends and, at the same time, ensures your comfort and convenience. The materials used in its construction have been selected to meet the highest standards and promise the maximum level of relaxation.

Olta Stone Sofa

Stone Sofa

With its low profile and deep cushions, the Stone sofa constitutes an undisputable novelty in the Olta collection. It was conceived to ensure maximum comfort and provide a casual and welcoming atmosphere. The Stone is available in various straight, corner or peninsular modules so that you can create your own oasis.

Its 34 linear and modular elements and five ottomans give you a total compositional freedom from basic shapes to corners and circular set-ups. Therefore, you can adapt it to your living space for the best possible flow. The upholstered armrests are available in high and low versions. You can also add a shelf in-between the elements to always keep your reading material, remote, or drinks within arm reach.

Olta-Elixir- Sofa

Elixir Sofa

Sofa Elixir will heighten your comfort experience to the highest level.  Perfect in every detail, its job is to take rest and relax to the next dimension. The modern design of sofa Elixir is visible not only in its cubic shape but also in its patented frame and the original design of fittings and legs which gives the illusion that the sofa is floating off the ground.

Sofa Elixir has been designed to meet the expectations of those who are the most difficult to please.  Fashionable minimalistic lines and its freely arranged modular construction make it suitable for any space. Multilayered cushions with special comfort zones and memory foam in the seats will give luxury a whole new meaning.

Subtle metal elements underline the sofa’s individuality and enhance its modern design while the specially chosen fabrics will bring comfort to the most demanding individuals.

Olta Diva Sofa

Diva Sofa

The DIVA sofa introduces new proportions to the OLTA collection. Its thin armrests and versatile shape are an excellent option even in limited spaces. The size of the sofa are available in 2 or 3 sitters, as well as the possibility of additional seating elements such as chaise longue and corner elements to fit the interior.

The 2.5 meters width of the sofa Diva allows you to relax without needing a corner sofa. The elegant and sleek profile of the Diva, with its slightly rounded armrest, gives this beautiful sofa an original aesthetic. Maintain a timeless look with the straight legs or choose the V-shaped legs for a modern twist. The backrest may also be fitted with a headrest for additional support if preferred.

Olta Spectra Sofa

Spectra Sofa

The SPECTRA sofa is the perfect blend of ergonomics and elegance, creating the ideal retreat no matter the circumstances. It has a manually adjustable headrest with three leaning angle options to always offer the perfect posture. The SPECTRA has you covered whether you want to lean down to an almost laid back position for those lazy evenings or need a straight back for more studious times, and anywhere in between.

The armrests and backrest have an extra layer of high-quality goose feathers for an enveloping feeling. Finally, the memory foam used in sitting cushion ensures maximum comfort. The SPECTRA sofa features custom-made metal feet for a lightweight impression. Its original aesthetic makes it the perfect choice for contemporary living.

Olta Ritz Sofa

Ritz Sofa

The RITZ sofa is everything you would expect from its name. It will instantly bring a sophisticated vibe and a touch of classic elegance to any sitting area. The RITZ is suitable for every occasion. It will shine thanks to its dignified appearance and superior quality finishes in your residence, but also in a corporate setting, such as a waiting room, a lobby or an office.

For those who want to impress their guests or their clients, it is available in leather, which provides a chic contrast with the brown aluminum legs.It has been proven that keeping your space clean and uncluttered will help you relax and be more creative. Thanks to its perfect blend of ergonomics and elegance, the RITZ sofa will help you start and end each day at your best.