Play with Us

We’re With You.  

Obnoxiously expensive furniture with a slew of historic low downs don’t make the wallet cut. At times, we head to named retailers and fuss about the incorrigible prices they set or quality lack thereof . Either a small something from a big brand costs a ton, or a liver, and a big something from a lesser brand offers you a confrontation with an unmotivated or uninformed staff.

We do it differently at Playground.

We’ve Heard You.  

The average (‘cos it isn’t high-end with plush seating and sections of designer’s bio) piece has been sourced from factories carefully. We’ll get back to carefully later. It’s average in terms of the whole package, affordability and quality. Affordability means you’re more than happy with what you paid for compared to what you’re interacting with. Quality means you’re more than happy with how long you can interact with the product happily without having to call in for complains. We’ve worked on that. Lastly, we’d like to know you and understand your concerns after a purchase to ensure it’s more than affordability of quality, but the Experience…

1928 Sofa

Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the timeless elegance of 1928 is impeccable. The project was born from the application of minimal shapes, inspired by Italian design, with classical elements. Drawing inspiration from 60s and 70s furniture design, the silhouette and adaptability make 1928 a protagonist of quality interior design, both for its comfort and iconic style. Created to furnish living rooms and lounge rooms, 1928 is the ideal sofa for every environment such as villas, hotel interiors, offices, studios and business spaces. The high back rest is further supported by tube cushions at the back achieving maximum comfort and support.

Wallholla Dining Chair

Wallholla is graceful with lithe elegance thereby offering a discreet accompaniment to any modern dining table. With a frame of simple design but elegant proportions, the chair is particularly well-suited to occasions where the pleasure of good food and good company meet. The piece is a unity of character, attitude, and versatility in a beautiful design expression. Wallholla gets its name from its slightly higher backrest in comparison to the collection’s lounge chairs, a nod to the vertically designed Wallholla playgrounds in Singapore.

Dakota Armchair

Dakota is a rounded yet sexy armchair and a strong protagonist of a home. It is generous in it’s seating space without invading the exterior surrounding. It’s curved silhouette and voluminous design harbours shrouds of warmth without being too informal. The proportions have been designed with upmost attention to detail, with ergonomics in mind, and with careful observation it will be noticed that the arm width is very slightly different from the back.

Sandbox Sofa

Sandbox is a modern contemporary piece that’s much more than just aesthetics. With its slightly lower base, a stunning and encapsulating loft look, Sandbox is the perfect personal retreat. A sofa with a wide look, the design is still visibly smooth and has the appeal of a classic with a firm, sturdy and chameleon-like character capable of blending into any room and any need.

…We’ve Sourced.

Carefully. Each piece has been sourced cautiously with deep sensitivity based on what works and what doesn’t from factories around the world. That means no unnecessary “middle man costs” when we bring the design to your doorstep. This simply means no exorbitant costs for a simple sofa, lounge, or chair. On top of that, we rake in European designers (who has worked with esteemed brands – you can ask us) to conceptualize each piece for Playground so that the “is it legit?” concern part is “baby-sitted” to perfection.  In a nutshell – no middleman bullshit, direct from factories, damn affordable, legit designers, with friendly after-service care. ß Hold us to that.


No point explaining about a brand if there’s no pre-story. Why Playground? We’d like our collection to be affordable and attainable to everyone. Just like how you folks dazzled and danced at the playgrounds free-spiritly without a care back in the day – that joy that was so easily attainable with youth and innocence should also be reachable in one way or another, design pieces included. Experience is key and we know it. We’re here to bring back, with serious guild and ease, those memories of community spirit to the home –  comfort and camaraderie.

We’re here to make friends.