Quality, ethics and passion

Saba was established in 1987 and has worked in the pursuit of relaxing design concepts ever since. The concept, as well as the selection of materials, workmanship and manufacture, are all guided by the desire to experiment without overstepping the boundary into excess, supported by constant attention to quality and ergonomics. Saba believes that design products should not only be technically excellent, but also respond to real consumer needs, as well as offering aesthetics to stir the emotions.

Technological innovation

In Saba’s books, quality is about accuracy, be it in measurements or details, which is why the company uses ultra-high-precision machinery to ensure optimisation and control at every stage in production. The experience of our skilled craftsmen is still an essential ingredient.

Selection of quality materials

The selection of excellent materials underpins each new project. What distinguishes Saba is its unmistakable style in combining each shape with the poetry of its colours and the material of its textiles. Each collection has its own distinctive nature and design, so that the various models can be shaped and adapted to ergonomic requirements.

Meet The Collection

Avant-Après Sofa designed by Sergio Bicego

Saba Italia Avant Apres 2020

Avant-Après Sofa

The sofa comes in fascinating configurations thanks to the special and unique armrest/backrest system that detaches with a simple movement and may be positioned all along the base. A pre-and-post dance that can be staged every day created by the desire to try something new. Avant-Après has a sober allure and an elegant appearance.

The seating is placed on a metal base upholstered in fabric or leather, resting on glazed chrome or painted metal feet. Refined accessories complete the system: the side tables are walnut wood and come in two different sizes, with the warm notes of the wood also being an option for the armrest. Fully removable covers.

Dimensions: Various Configurations

New York Suite Sofa

The New York Suite retains a contemporary soul and timeless spirit. The quilted cushions hint at a retro elegance and a nostalgic atmosphere yet the whole design is futuristic. At the same time the metropolitan allure is heightened by the hexagonal shape of the frame resting on slim steel rod feet with the option of customization with a black chrome, gloss chrome or white coated finish.

New York suite is soft and welcoming also in the smaller versions such as the maxi lounge chair and the 155 cm sofa which seats two people comfortably.

Rendez-vous Sofa

The sofa is the a seating system envisaged not only for the home environment and also for public spaces. The designs allow upmost flexibility in configurations with very few elements. The foundation is a metallic black painted structure on which various elements are fixed and can be moved according to the user’s preference. The result allows for seated encounters with aesthetic pleasure.

Curved angles contrast with pure lines creating interiors with strong personality. The upholstery textile range includes the durable materials specified for use in commercial applications.

Pixel Sofa

The design features a series of elements that can be freely combined such that the arms and backrests can be removed from the bases to form endless new arrangements. The feather-padded seat cushions feature special quilted covers which highlight the limitless possibilities for mixing the fabrics in the Saba collection to create a new and unique sofa every time.

Thanks to the distinctive shape of the back- and arm-rests, the overall width and depth of the sofa are small, without compromising its fine aesthetics. Pixel sofa has been carefully, ergonomically designed to provide the maximum comfort in a highly refined and stylish product. Fully removable covers.

Dimensions: Various Configurations

Pan Flute Armchair

The Pan Flute bench is molded into a new an armchair form. Rigorous yet extremely comfortable, it gives a new rhythm to spaces. Protagonist without being eccentric, it lends itself to domestic rather than residential uses thanks to its light graphic structure.

Baby Geo Armchair

The Geo collection is enriched with a new element: a completely rounded armchair created utilising the namesake pouf as its seat. The metal rod structure supports the curved padded wooden back and the proportions are generous without being over-bearing.

Geo Armchair

The proportions of the sofa have been designed with upmost attention to detail with the arm width slightly different to the back of the chair due to ergonomic needs. The seat area has lesser padding compared to the arms which are designed to hug the body.

Every detail has been carefully studied to give life to a special object where the main volume of the seat and the very light volume of the legs are in harmony. The metallic structure is available in different finishes – matt or polished – which adds a luxurious feel. Fully removable covers.

Essentiel Sofa

Nora’s floating seats come in classy oak with backrest. This bar chair is crafted to last a lifetime, both at home and in professional spaces. And every detail is polished for hours on end, giving it a smooth feel.

Hexa Oval Coffee Table

Designed by Salih Teskeredzic, he started to draw lines that reminded him of days long past, days from the 60’s, filled with love, soul and passion.

Saba Italia Ananta Class 2020

Ananta Class Sofa

Ananta Class is an informal and versatile modular range that allows endless combinations of the independent backrests and bases available in 80, 120, 160, 200 and 240 cm lengths. The collection, whose very name evokes the idea of infinity, is based on the idea of simplified construction: free from the constraints of armrests and backrests, the seating can be arranged to suit individual needs.

It is completed with a side table available in two sizes. The black chrome rest holds up a table top available either in walnut veneer or regenerated leather. The line offers a new, individualistic, modern way of shaping things to fit people’s needs. Fully removable covers.

Dimensions: Various Configurations

Tailor-made projects

Saba’s designs are “tailor-made”. The firm offers its clientele a wide variety of different styles, plus the added value of choosing from a vast selection of sleek and elegant fabrics, so that each customer can take home their own very personal model. The Saba collection is based on functional, modern design, but it also provides the clothing to dress a home in the desires and dreams of those who live there.

Saba: a contemporary vision of innovation that offers new possibilities in home design

At Saba, we never stop exploring new ideas, because the world of home furnishing never stops evolving. We move with you, with your way of living and decorating your homes.

Saba Italia My Taos

My Taos Sofa

My Taos is the sofa design that best communicates Saba’s identity. It’s recent redesign is based on the 4 pillars of the company: memory, comfort, design and poetry. Memory is evident in the new My Taos in the integrity towards the original design, maintaining the fluidity of the pouf structures.

Improved comfort has redefined the heights of the back structures and improved the ergonomics using the latest generation of materials. This new design has also altered the fold out side tables and new cylindrical support cushions. The element of poetry in the updated design has rounded the forms softening all the edges and lines. My Taos sofa epitomises how an excellent design stands the test of time.