Carl Hansen Bm1160 Hunting Table

by Børge Mogensen

Designed for the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers’ Guild Furniture Exhibition in 1950, the table combines excellent woodwork with elegant metal brace bars, creating a bold and organic whole.  The name refers to the “Hunting Cabin” theme of the Guild’s exhibition, a detail which is also reflected in the table’s robustness and wood-focused design.

Mogensen’s Hunting Table is slightly narrow across the top, which makes it suitable for smaller spaces, while allowing for more intimate social gatherings. Furthermore, the table is constructed for frequent use with rounded corners and edges in solid wood, which reveals Mogensen’s passion for democratic and accessible design.

The stability is ensured through the use of two diagonal brace metal bars connecting the tabletop and frame with an aesthetically pleasing effect. Further detailing, such as the mortise and tenon joints on the legs manufactured in contrasting wood, accentuate the table’s handcrafted expression.

Dimensions: L210 x D81.5 xH72cm


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