Leolux Callas Dining Chair

By Frans Schrofer

The Callas dining chair is ideal for expressive choices. This stylish design is the perfect showcase for beautiful materials. And yet this chair also offers outstanding comfort. Yo can select different finishes for the front, back and legs for each Callas chair to create the best combination that perfectly match your taste. Available in leather or fabric upholstery.

Callas comes with an Antique Silver-coloured zipper. But for an extra touch of luxury, go with the fantastic Artisan hand-stitched decorative seam. Two options for the Callas base, which you can also combine in a single set. Fino stands on four slightly curved legs, and the sleek sleigh base is called Outline. Made in Netherland.

Dimension: L50 x D44/ 63 x H47/88cm


With Antique Silver Colour Zipper

With Artisan hand-stitched decorative seam

Some Leather Options

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