OLIGO lights are characterized by innovation and ease of operation. Sophisticated engineering enables the use of new operating concepts and turns the everyday act of turning on the lights into a magical experience. … A simple gesture – the most intuitive form to control the light.

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The brand Oligo, derived from the word “Oligos” which means “few”, “little” and “reduced” is a reference to the brand’s design of lighting pieces that are minimalist, unassuming, yet functional.

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Timeless design, top quality standards, and intuitive ways of lighting control make OLIGO luminaires the highlight in residential and commercial sectors.

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Meet The Collection


Trinity by Oligo is a futurist light design for various lighting effects. The collection includes a suspension, a table lamp, a floor lamp and a wall lamp. It earned several design prizes, among them the Interior Innovation Award 2012 and a special mention at the German Design Award.

Thanks to the 3-part reflector head Trinity scores not only because of an extraordinary, always mutable appearance, but also with a versatile and adaptable light. Each of the three lighting elements can rotate by 320 degrees to direct its light downwards, upwards and sideways.

In this way, it is possible to combine directly with indirect light, it is possible to set focused lighting accents and any time a table illumination or a reading lamp can turn into an uplighter for indirect illumination.

Trinity is controlled with the aid of an integrated dimming button. Thanks to the memory function, the light fixture retrieves the last selected brightness level when the light is switched on again. The switch is conveniently within reach on the light head.

Trinity is made of metal in discreet colours and equipped with three acrylic diffusers.

  • rotatable light segments
  • integrated memory function
  • switchable and dimmable separately
  • pendant Luminaire can be shortened