Mattiazzi Radice Stool

Radice is a three-legged wooden stool. The design finds its underlying beauty and simplicity in its structure. The backrest is small and reassuring, allowing a coat or handbag to rest on it and the seat is open for bigger-sized and smaller individuals. it is light both visually and in weight, using no screws or metal fittings. The coloured wood stain options for radice are based on the cycle of an autumn leaf turning colour.

“Radice has tension in its form and it is a slight surprise that the third leg works as well as it does to resolve the overall structure. it could be viewed as structurally diagrammatic, yet is made comfortable visually and physically because of how its third leg supports the seat,”

Designed by Sam Hecht

Dimensions: L430 x D450 x H650/800 mm


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