Mattiazzi Tronco Dining Chair

When designing the Tronco Chair, the designers embraced the challenge of creating stackable solid wood chairs. The outcome is that Tronco not only stacks up to 10 pieces at one go but it’s strong presence translates well even in spaces where large number of chairs joined together in rows.

Instead, tronco’s character is formed from solid strips of wood in what appears as very elementary construction, yet its simplicity is the result of iterative experimentation and a high regard for material honesty.

Its form is modest enough so that it takes on the appearance of ‘texture’ when shown in numbers. It lifts the atmosphere of interior spaces that require many chairs, whether it is a dining hall or a chapel.

Tronco chair with a table are both similarly made and chamfered at the edges so that it can join easily with others. with one or many, tronco evokes solidity rather than frame.

Designed by Sam Hecht & Kim Colin

Dimension: L510 x D530 x H460/810 mm


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