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Kyoto Floor Lamp

This series of floor lamps in natural ash is a tribute to both the historic woodcraft of Kyoto and the early years of Japanese aviation. The lamps’ structure invokes the intricacy of Japanese toy aeroplanes – in particular the Yoshida Hishou, an A-shaped plane fitted with two reverse propellers that successfully crossed Tokyo’s Sumida River in a 1911 model-aircraft contest.

The shade is created using Japan’s Unesco-listed washi paper, by the craftspeople of Kyoto, traditional makers of Japan’s distinctive wagasa (umbrellas made with washi and bamboo). Emitting a gentle, warm-toned light and creating a soft shadow play, the Kyoto Lamp enhances interiors through both its form and effect.

Dimension: L71.1 x D61.6 x H175.1cm
Material: Natural Ash Solid Wood Base  |  Washi Paper
Colour : Natural Ash

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Price: $1,988 nett

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Stellar Works_Kyoto Floor Lamp Mood
Stellar Works_Kyoto Floor Lamp Mood
Stellar Works_Kyoto Floor Lamp Mood

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