Punt Mobles Velasca Extensible

By Ludovica Y Roberto Palomba

An architectural, linear, and minimal project, not without elements of warmth. Wood is the protagonist in its essence and in the detail of the doors characterized by a vertical pattern that denotes three-dimensionality to an essential object. Designed by Ludovica Y Roberto Palomba for Punt Mobles.

A winning, versatile project that furnishes and solves functionality in urban spaces, but which, thanks to wood and its declination, brings warmth and texture to the space. A geometric and rigorous linear container, where the doors, unexpectedly engraved with a vertical pattern. Emphasizing the grain of the essence, related to the architectural element of the shelf, very lightly in a sort of delicate balance that seems almost to create a sculpture suspended in time. Extendable from 200 to 250cm, 254 to 306 or 300 to 354 or 406cm.

Features: Various Configurations & Finishes Available Below. Please Drop us an Enquiry for Finish/Material Options


Extendable from 254 to 306cm

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