Stellar Works Arita Vessels

By Neri & Hu

The ceramic set of seven bowls and plates started as a project ensemble under “A Cabinet of Curiosity”, where seven objects are to be displayed in a glass cabinet that carries emblems of seven animals which relate to the ‘seven sins’, namely pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth.

Each ceramic piece is a different size with varying heights and volumes, blurring the typology of bowls and plates to respond to the contemporary lifestyle of full flexibility with distinction. Each vessel shape offers endless functional possibilities, yet any combination of them suggests a rebirth of a personalized table styling.

Dimensions: C74 x H90mm  |  C122 x H58mm   |  C147 x H35mm   |  C188 x H66mm   |  C213 x H42mm   |  C264 x H20mm   |  C290 x H31mm


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