Featuring designs from P5 studio and an ever-changing space, A Curated Identity is an initiative done in-house at our showroom to illustrate how diverse labels and looks complement each other harmoniously. This invigorates the floor, stimulates creativity, and offers a unique experience for everyone during each visit.
Vol. 2-
Plants Make Everything Better
Plants make you feel better, improve concentration, productivity (up to 15%), and increases levels of positivity. True story. Plants not only bring out the life in furniture, but also add texture and colours to a space, which if left alone among layers of chairs, tables, and sofas, may look “cold” or even a bit solemn. Being around nature also helps us feel more relaxed and calm fighting depression; cue more biophilic workspaces and communal settings. Not forgetting, caring for a living thing is rewarding and sets the tone for the mood and motivation at P5 studio every morning.
Here’s to plants, nature, and how they make everything better.
Plants from The 3 Keys
W: https://the3keys.myshopmatic.com/
IG: @the_3_keys

Fawn Bed

Cane & Teak Bench

Ficus Umbellata (1.2m to 1.5m tall) $98 Fiberglass Pot in white terazo $168

Easy Armchair

X+L 03 Lamp

Zoomed in_Everfresh Tree $38 Stone pot$68

Risom Desk

Sphere Vase

Bauhaus Artwork

Utility Chair

Ficus Binnendijkii: $98 | Fiberglass pot in White Terrazo: $98

Cast Iron variegated: $88 | Fiberglass in grey pattern: $98

Sussex Sideboard

Backerzahn Stool

Bowl Coffee Table

Click Rocking Chair

Paon Bench

Circle Outdoor Table

Candela di Vals

Rademachera $98 Fiberglass pot in black terrazzo $88

Eyelet Coffee Table

Click Dining Chair

Ficus Umbellata (1.8-2m tall) $488 Cement pot in black $120

Ran Library

Edge Coffee Table

Risom Lounge

QT Side Table