Punt Mobles Toscana Lucca Sideboard

By Rodolfo Dordoni

Toscana Lucca is a rectilinear sideboard designed to turn heads in the middle of the room or up against walls. It has a glass shelf and light on the inside, as well as an LED strip light that runs along its back surface. There is a chrome-plated metal detail in the lower part of the legs. “The desire to deconstruct the volumes is achieved through the contrast of finishes, different thicknesses and directions of the ve- neers.

The glossy modules look as though they are embraced and supported by the robust and solid wood perimeter. The hinged door characterises the front of the unit, while its upper part becomes a stage to show off objects on”, explains Dordoni.

Dimensions: W231× D53 × H71 cm


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