Yamagiwa Goben Lamp

By Toyo Ito

The spun thread design is reminiscent of a cocoon and gives off a soft light that is enhanced by the double and triple shelters of this delicate, fiberglass creation. Designed by world-renowned Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The idea of Mayuhana Goben comes from a flower with 5 petals. Collection of the Vitra Design Museum.

The soft light that evokes traditional Japanese paper lanterns known as Bonbori from the dual or triple shades brings airy elegance. Similar to how a thread is spun off a cocoon, Mayuhana is made by reeling string around a mold. Each one is handmade by Japanese craftsmanship and skill, and none of their shades are the exact same.  Though the motif is a Japanese traditional craft, Mayuhana is composed of modern materials, and it widely integrates with both Japanese and Western-style rooms.

Dimensions of Goben Small: Dia48 x H26cm
Dimensions of Goben Large: Di65 x H35cm


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