Yamagiwa Mayuhana Yugami Floor Lamp

By Toyo Ito

Designed by world-renowned Japanese architect, Toyo Ito. The spun thread design is reminiscent of a cocoon and gives off a soft light that is enhanced by the double and triple shelters of this delicate, fiberglass creation. Asymmetrical double shelters of the Mayuhana floor lamp series Collection of the Vitra Design Museum and the Die Neue Sammlung.

Mayuhana is not only a symbol of Yamagiwa but also has been highly respected as a representative of all the decorative lightings in the world. The soft light that evokes traditional Japanese paper lanterns known as Bonbori from the dual or triple shades brings airy elegance.

Similar to how a thread is spun off a cocoon, Mayuhana is made by reeling string around a mold. Each one is handmade by Japanese craftsmanship and skill, and none of their shades are the exact same. Though the motif is a Japanese traditional craft, Mayuhana is composed of modern materials, and it widely integrates with both Japanese and Western-style rooms.

It is made of Fiberglass, Aluminium and available in 2 colours, black or white.

Dimensions: Dia55 x H54cm


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