Yamagiwa Taliesin 1 Mini Table Lamp

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

TALIESIN® 1 is designed for Frank Lloyd Wright’s summer home in Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin. The square roof, that is one of his architectural forms, is incorporated into the design making it appears as if there is another small building in a home. It gives off comfort with its warm light from the wood, as a table reading lamp or door entrance for a welcoming home feeling. The principle of his philosophy “Organic Architecture” was to design buildings where all the parts were in harmony and integral to the structure and to the building’s very nature.

He was impressed by nature, and thought sunlight and moonlight filtered through leaves and branches are most beautiful. Inspired by natural and organic light, he designed the lamp, capturing the filtered glow of light. Available in Cherry wood or Walnut wood.

Dimensions: W28.5 x D32.5 x H40.6cm


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